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Express Your Shelf

We’ve taken the resources and technologies a brand needs to stand out on the digital shelf and put it all under one roof.

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Shelf Conscious Screen
Digital Shelf Optimisation

What’s the Problem?

Brands, you sell hundreds, or even thousands of products through multiple online retailers.

Every one of your products need to be:

  • In Stock
  • Searchable

  • Competitively Priced

  • With Great Product Content

Our Services

We provide you with everything you need to boost your shelf awareness, rocket your shelf confidence and truly express your shelf. From strategy to spreadsheets, syndication to search optimisation, we do as much of the hard work as you’ll let us.

Happy Brands, Happy Retailers, Happy Customers.

Our Services

Shelf Monitoring

Daily insights and opportunities to boost your retailer’s online sales

  • Daily actionable insights

  • Prioritised content opportunities

  • Maximised stock availability

  • Optimised product visibility

  • Centralised price intelligence

Digtal Shelf Monitoring

Where to Buy

Guide your website visitors directly to retailer product pages

  • Simplified customer journey

  • Custom branded experience

  • Chooser preference analytics

  • Monetise your website

  • Single snippet installation

Where to Buy Solution

Content Syndication

Seamlessly share rich product information with your retailers

  • Seamless content sharing
  • Customised exports

  • Advanced permissions control

  • Brand your portal

Content Syndication

Shelf Help

Access to hands on support from our digital shelf managers

  • From strategy to spreadsheets

  • Efficient pricing model

  • Flexible support

  • Intermediary services

Shelf Help Services


Conversion rates improved by up to


Growth on 6 figure sales revenues at


Increased order volumes by up to



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