We gave up trying to remember how to remove text before or after a specific character in Excel, so be sure to bookmark this page to save you the hassle in future…

Maybe you need file names without the file extensions? Or maybe you need a product brand which is always at the start of the product title? There’s so many reasons to need this one.

How to Remove Text Before or After a Specific Character in Excel

Need the end of the cell? Copy this =RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)-FIND(” “,A1))

Need the start of the cell? Copy this: =LEFT(A1,FIND(“,”,A1)-1)


Change all instances of A1 to whatever cell you want the data from


Change the contents of the speech marks to whatever (constant) symbol you need the data before/after.


If you’re feeling jazzy, you can play around with the formula to find contents before two characters, or layer up the formula to find contents after the second instance of a symbol (eg. website.com/tier-1/tier-2/tier-3).


Before we built this simple example of how to use the formula, we frequented this article written by the whizzkids at Extend Office. So if you need a more in depth overview, check them out.

PS. who are all these people contributing to the endless excel articles?! Whoever you are, we really, really appreciate you! 😍