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The Shelf Conscious Team

Digital Shelf Optimisation

Global Account Lead

Our friendly front of house, Zoe works around the clock with our global customers, making sure they get maximum value from Shelf Conscious. Zoe is firm believer in the power of napping!

Project Coordinator

The queen of organisation, Nicki keeps our ducks in a row (and colour coordinated!)

Digital Shelf Optimisation
Digital Shelf Optimisation

Head of Product and Customer Success

Full of ideas, Tom is the founder of the business and is passionate about developing solutions that make customers lives (and his life!) easier.

Our Developers

Digital Shelf Optimisation

Our development team are on a mission to make working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive — for everyone.

Why We Started

“It was my job to grow sales online. I was responsible for over 1000 product detail pages across multiple retailer partners. To maximise product visibility and conversion across so many product detail pages you need a suite of technologies, a clear strategy and a lot of administrative resource.

I found existing solution providers to be siloed, expensive and with limited manage service offerings. It was almost impossible to justify a return on investment.

At Shelf Conscious, our goal is to centralise the tools required to win on the digital shelf and make them accessible to brands of all sizes.

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Digital Shelf Optimisation

Head of Product and Customer Success

Digital Shelf Optimisation Services

We provide brands with the technologies and resources needed to succeed on the digital shelf. We automate whilst also rolling our sleeves up in the form of managed services.

Our Modules

Does it Work?

One client combined Shelf Monitoring, Where to Buy and Self Help to optimise their product assortment on a key retailer’s eCommerce store.


average increase in conversion rate


growth on 6 figure revenues


increase in order volumes

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Digital Shelf Optimisation
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