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Brand Portal

Our Brand Portal module allows you to seamlessly share rich product information with your retailers. Enabling self serve for low touch partners and full integration for high value retailers drives resource efficiency. Plus, our fully customisable exports allow you to tailor exports for each individual retailer, resulting in greater engagement.

 Content Syndication

Client Branded Portal

Content Syndication

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Content Syndication

User Permission Setting

Content Syndication

Share Content, Imagery, Videos & PDFs

Brand Portal Benefits

  • Seamless content sharing – Support retailers with easy, self-serve access to your latest product content and assets

  • Customised exports – Let retailers decide how to export their chosen content and assets with advanced customisation options

  • Advanced permissions control – Filter individual user views by category, brand, product or even attribute

  • Brand your portal and provide retailers with a unique branded URL

Content Syndication

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