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Where to Buy Technology Solution

Send traffic directly to retailer product pages with our where to buy technology solution

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Where To Buy solution
Where to Buy Technology Solution

The Problem Where to Buy Solves

Brand websites play an important part in the consumer’s path to purchase, however not all brands want to sell directly to end users.

Not offering a direct link to retailer product pages leaves prospects following a path fraught with exposure to competition.

Just think about the number of opportunities your competition has to steal a prospect’s attention when you don’t offer a clear purchase path…

  • Back to the organic search results they likely came from

  • A new Google search likely to contain generic keywords

  • Over to a Retailer homepage to navigate through search results pages & category pages to find your product (if they sell it)

Where to Buy Technology Solution from Shelf Conscious

Where to Buy from Shelf Conscious is a highly customisable solution that can be implemented with just a single snippet of code. Our modular structure enables us to build the solution around your needs, so no unnecessary features adding unnecessary cost.

Where to Buy Technology

Powerful capabilities, easy implementation

  • Add unlimited retailers
  • Style with your own brand colours

  • Chooser preference analytics

  • Customise the order of your retailers

MPN: Supersonic SS

Where to Buy Technology Solution

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Where to Buy Technology Solution

Add-ons for Where to Buy

Combine with other modules for even more functionality

  • Display retailer pricing
  • Hide out of stock retailers
  • Switch to inline styling
  • Completely customise your implementation

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Where to Buy Technology Solution