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Digital Shelf Analytics

Daily digital shelf monitoring of price, content, availability and visibility in category and search

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Digital Shelf Analytics
Digital Shelf Analytics

The Digital Shelf Analytics Challenge

Brands, you sell hundreds, or even thousands of products through multiple online retailers. Every one of your product needs to be…

  • In Stock

  • Searchable

  • Competitively Priced

  • and have great product content!

That’s a lot of product detail pages to check on a daily basis!

Digital Shelf Monitoring & Analytics

Shelf Monitoring from Shelf Conscious automatically monitors your retailer product pages every single day. Our algorithms automatically review retailer product pages to detect issues and changes that require action to ensure the content, availability, visibility and pricing of your products is optimal.

Digital Shelf Analytics

Boost your shelf awareness with our digital shelf analytics

  • Daily actionable insights

  • Prioritised content opportunities

  • Maximised stock availability

  • Optimised product visibility

  • Centralised price intelligence

Digital Shelf Analytics
Digital Shelf Analytics

Shelf Monitoring Benefits

  • Monitor your products across unlimited retailer websites
  • Integrate with your existing PIM solution using our API and enable automatic updates between systems
  • Our SKU based pricing model means our solutions are accessible for brands of all sizes and industries
  • Download retailer reports at the click of a button

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